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    What is StepBet?

    StepBet is a fitness game that motivates you to be more active. Players “bet” on themselves to meet their personalized step goals during every week of the game, and win money if they do. The cash prize, accountability, and community support help you build a more active lifestyle.

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    How do I win money?

    If you hit your personalized step goals for the entire game, you split the pot with the other winners. That means you get your bet back plus a profit.

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    How much do I have to bet?

    Bet amount can vary from game to game, but most bets are $40. Generally, we don't have free games, because having money on the line is an important and powerful motivator.

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    How long is the game?

    Most games are six weeks long, though duration can vary from game to game. Note that in most games, the first week is a “warm-up week” where no one becomes disqualified.

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    How do you play?

    First, get your personalized step goals. You'll be prompted to select your source of steps, and StepBet will look at your historic step data to calculate your goals.

    Next, place your bet to join the game.

    Then, step up your steps! During each week of your game, you must hit a certain number of Active and Power days each week. Miss your weekly goal, and you're out of the running to win. Hit your goals each week, and you split the pot with the other winners!

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    How are my Active and Power goals calculated?

    After you connect your activity tracker, we'll use your step history to calculate personalized Active and Power goals that are manageable but challenging for your level. In some versions of the game, goals may incrementally increase week after week.

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    If I've already hit all my Power Days for the week and then get another Power Day, will it count as an Active Day?

    Yes. If you have made all your Power Days for the week and still have Active Days to hit, additional Power Days will count toward your Active Days.

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    How do you prevent cheating?

    We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Any players found to be cheating or falsifying steps will be immediately removed from their game. StepBet connects directly to your activity tracker to get valid step counts each day. We actively monitor players' steps and flag any suspicious behavior. Players may be asked to provide additional data from their phone or tracking device if they are flagged.

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    What activity trackers work with StepBet, and how do I connect mine?

    StepBet currently supports the following activity trackers:

    • Garmin Trackers
    • iPhone Apple Health via phone
    • iPhone Apple Watch
    • iPhone Fitbit
    • Android Fitbit
    • Android Google Fit via phone

    Currently, the only wearable devices that are supported are Apple Watch, S Gear, Garmin, and Fitbit. If you are using Apple Health or Google Fit, your steps must be tracked by carrying your phone with you.

    The StepBet app will walk you through the process for connecting your preferred activity tracker.

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    What if my activity tracker doesn't capture my steps one day?

    StepBet uses the step count in your selected activity tracker as the authoritative source of your steps. It is your responsibility to keep your tracker on you, charged, and in good condition during the game. We cannot reverse disqualifications that result from your tracker being lost, out of battery, or broken.

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    What if the steps in my tracker and StepBet don't match?

    We know technology doesn't work perfectly all the time. If a technical problem causes StepBet's step count not to match with the steps in your activity tracker, our Referees will work with you to resolve the issue. Just email with the details of the error.

    If you're using a Fitbit, there are also some steps you can take on your own to resolve the issue, outlined below.

    Why don't my Fitbit and StepBet steps match?

    In order for StepBet to get your Fitbit steps, you must sync your Fitbit regularly. All of your steps each week must be synced within 24 hours of the week ending, otherwise, they will not be counted in the game. If you are having problems, try these steps:

    First, open your Fitbit app on your phone and make sure it has synced with your Fitbit. If it hasn't, please see this Fitbit help page.

    If your Fitbit has synced with your Fitbit app, go to from your desktop computer and check that the step count there matches the step count in your Fitbit app. If they do not, visit the Fitbit help page above.

    If both of the above are working properly, go to and make sure StepBet has access. If StepBet is not listed, open the StepBet app, log in, and in the upper left menu, tap Settings → Steps Source → Change My Connection → Fitbit.

    StepBet only counts steps tracked by the Fitbit activity tracker. Steps added with Fitbit's “Track Your Exercise” or “MobileRun” features do not count toward your StepBet. This is the same policy that Fitbit uses in its challenges.

    To ensure that this discrepancy doesn't interfere with your StepBet game, best practice would be to check your StepBet app towards the end of each day to ensure you have hit your goal.

    If none of the actions above solve the problem, please contact

    What do I do if I'm using Apple Health and am having trouble connecting to StepBet?

    If you have previously denied StepBet access to Apple Health, or accidentally hit “Done” without turning on your read permission, you will need to go to the Apple Health app to enable access. Here's how:

    Open your Health app, tap “Sources” in the bottom menu, and then tap on the StepBet app.

    Toggle the switches to allow StepBet to read step data from Apple Health

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    Can I change my sources of steps mid-game?

    Once you select a source of steps, you must use that source until the end of the game. You can choose a different source when you begin a new game.

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    What is StepBet's cut of the pot?

    StepBet retains 15% of the gross pot to pay Referees, transaction fees, game hosts, and administrative support.

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    What happens if everybody wins my StepBet game?

    StepBet has a No Lose Guarantee so that you'll never lose money if you reach your goal. If the StepBet challenge has an unusually high percentage of winners, we will forfeit our portion of the pot to ensure that all winners get their money back. So in the worst-case scenario, you'll end up getting motivated to boost your activity level for free, which is still a win!

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    What happens during a StepBet if I go to another timezone?

    This depends on your phone settings and activity trackers. Some phones and activity trackers will adjust your phone to the local time of your destination. This may cause you to lose or gain hours on a game day. StepBet players should plan accordingly before traveling.

    For example, imagine that you travel from San Francisco to New York, losing 3 hours. If your phone or activity tracker automatically adjusts to the local time, you would have 3 fewer hours to complete your goals for the day - and should plan accordingly to make sure you get your steps! If your phone or activity tracker does NOT adjust to the local time, you would still have until midnight San Francisco time to complete your goals.

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    Is StepBet gambling?

    Our games are all about improving health. The outcomes are always fully dependent on players' behavior, with no element of chance. All players who achieve their behavioral goal.

    To avoid any hint of gambling, we keep the stakes low and cap the number of games users can play, usually to a few per month. While there's money on the line, it's never about making money. It's all about holding people accountable and adhering to healthy lifestyles.

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    Can you provide more information about the features and duration of the free trial?

    When you enroll in the 7-day free trial of StepBet membership, there is a confirmation process that involves a temporary pending charge. It's important to note that the membership trial lasts for 7 days and does not extend beyond that period. Please rest assured that this pending charge is promptly canceled on our side and will not be processed or posted to your account. If you choose to continue with the membership beyond the trial period, the membership fee will be charged at that time.

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    What is the timeframe for requesting a refund after purchasing a subscription?

    StepBet players have until day 7 of the game to receive a full refund...note that the 7-day refund period begins on the day the game starts and not the day the player joins.

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    Could you explain the procedure for canceling a membership? Are there any specific notice periods that need to be observed?

    It's essential to make the most of your membership within the initial 7-day period. If you have any concerns or need a refund, remember to contact us via email before this time frame is up. Alternatively, you can conveniently manage the auto-renewal feature by adjusting your app store settings. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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    What is the policy for situations where step submission doesn't sync on time?

    To have your steps counted toward your weekly goals, all players must sync their activity tracker with StepBet within 24 hours of the week ending.

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    Is it possible to use Samsung Health?

    Due to changes Samsung made, S Health is currently not offering support as a tracking source. There's an easy workaround, though! Players can download Google Fit to their smartphones and smartwatches and select it as a tracking source when joining the game.

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    How are payouts processed?

    Winnings are added to your account as Points when a game concludes. You can use these Points in future games or request a payout of unused Points at any time. Please note that we exclusively process payouts through PayPal, regardless of your initial payment method.

    Ideally, your preferred PayPal email should match your user email. If they differ, we will request email confirmation for the one to be used for payment. Once confirmed, we will proceed with your payout.

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    Community Guidelines

    1. Be kind and stay positive. Community is at the core of what we do. Every StepBet game is a welcome and safe place for anyone looking to better themselves. We don't discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Posts and comments that are hostile, derogatory, body-shaming, or discriminatory in any way will not be tolerated.

    2. No solicitation or spam. While we encourage posts that are relevant to helping our community members reach their goals, please keep self-promotion and spam out of games such as: soliciting followers on personal profiles, affiliate links, selling products, etc.

    3. Stick to the rules. Following the rules keeps things fair for everyone. Every game has a detailed description of how to play and win. Click below to see the rules for gameplay in our app:

    4. Respect everyone's privacy. Being part of StepBet community requires mutual trust. We give our members full control over what they share with our community, and what stays private. Please do not share another member's posts or information.

    5. Most importantly: Have fun! Having fun, staying positive, and encouraging your fellow community members make the best experience for everyone!

    We may remove your posts or comments or remove you from a game without a refund if you violate these community guidelines. If you see a post that violates these guidelines or you find harmful, you can report it to us by taking a screenshot of the post and sending it to along with a mention of the specific game.

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