StepBet Rules

Apple does not sponsor StepBet in any way. No prizes are provided by Apple.
  • StepBet games vary in length, but will be broken up into week-long increments (with the exception of special games that are noted in the game description). During each week of the game, you have personalized goals that you need to hit by the time the week ends.

  • To have their steps counted toward their weekly goals, all players must sync their activity tracker with StepBet within 24 hours of the week ending.

  • To help players get used to the game format and their unique goals, the first week of most games will be a "warm-up week", (with the exception of special games that are noted in the game description as "no warm-up week") Any players who don't meet their weekly goal during the warm-up week will not be disqualified from winning. Games without a warm-up week require that players meet their weekly goals from the start of the game.

  • After you connect your preferred activity tracker to the app, we'll validate the credentials and establish a connection. StepBet connects directly to your preferred activity tracker to get valid step counts each day. If your account is flagged for suspicious step activity, you may be required to submit additional data from your activity tracker.

  • Each player will have completely unique, personalized step goals established by StepBet based on their historical step data. Our proprietary algorithm uses the historical data from your activity tracker to give you two goals: your Active goal (somewhat challenging) and your Power goal (more challenging). During every week of the game, you need to hit your Active goal on a certain number of days and your Power goal on a certain number of days. The number of Active and Power days you need to hit each week may vary from game to game.

  • Hit your weekly goals every week after the warm-up week, and you're a winner! Weeks can't be made up. As soon as you are disqualified, you become eligible to join a new game.

  • Winnings are deposited in your account as Points after a game ends. You may use your Points in future games or request a PayPal payout of unused Points at any time. Your preferred PayPal email should ideally be the same as your user email. If they are different, please note that we will request confirmation of the email to be used. Once the email is confirmed, we will proceed with your payment. You cannot have your winnings credited back to a credit card. After 12 months of inactivity, Points will expire.

  • Bets for all StepBet games must be paid up-front. The bet amount for each game is set by the organizer, and you can pay via PayPal, credit card, or with your winnings from another game.

  • Players have until day 7 of the game to receive a full refund, except in special games that clearly specify "No Refunds" in the game description and during payment. In all other games, note that the 7-day refund period begins on the day the game starts and not the day the player joins.

    After the refund period has closed, exceptions may be made for players who must exit the game for medical reasons. In these instances, documentation must be provided to StepBet for verification purposes. No refunds will be made after the game ends.

  • StepBet currently integrates with the following activity trackers:

    • iPhone Apple Health
    • iPhone Apple Watch
    • iPhone Fitbit
    • Android Fitbit
    • Android Google Fit
  • Steps must be tracked by your activity tracker and cannot be altered or entered manually. If steps were counted by your activity tracker but are not appearing in the StepBet app, our Referees may restore steps or issue credits on a case-by-case basis. In these cases, you may be required to provide extra data from your activity tracker for our Referees to review. If your activity tracker fails to track your steps, those steps will not be counted. We cannot reverse disqualifications caused by uncharged, broken, unsynced, or lost devices.

  • Players may only play one StepBet game at a time unless they are Members. Members may play up to 3 games at a time.

  • All decisions by StepBet Referees shall be considered final.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in StepBet.

  • Players caught engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from StepBet at the sole discretion of StepBet's Referees. Ejected players shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees or bets. The following actions are prohibited:
    Engaging in activities that falsely increase, decrease, or otherwise manipulate the steps recorded. Manually adding steps within your activity tracker. Tampering with the measurement reported by your activity tracker. Other activities determined to be unsportsmanlike by StepBet Referees.

  • StepBet aims to create a supportive, fun environment that helps players become more active. Like all communities, we run the risk that a few bad apples can ruin the experience for everyone. To this end, we ask our players to adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship, as well as help us enforce these standards that bring out the best in us all.

    No playing in bad faith (playing repeatedly in a manner of “hustling”). No manipulating the stepbet, including colluding, betting on a stepbet you are not competing in, betting on someone other than yourself, betting on someone to lose, or otherwise interfering with the fair and natural course of the competition. No manipulating free promotional membership offers with repeat game joins to bypass auto-renewal of membership. No harassment of players. No embarrassment of players. No posting photos without permission of the subject or photographer. No gaming of the system by creating multiple accounts, forging weigh-in photos, or attempting to manipulate the weigh-in process. No business, product, or self-promotion posts in the games.

  • Participate in a StepBet game only if your health permits this activity. Consult a qualified healthcare provider before participating should you have any health issues that could be impacted by the activity required for this game.

  • Customers of StepBet will be able to join a subscription based membership program called "StepBet Membership."

    Membership can be purchased via the StepBet app using a credit card.

    Memberships can also be purchased in-app through Apple for iOS devices. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase.

    Members will be automatically rebilled on the last day of their Membership via the same credit card they joined with. If that credit card cannot be billed, they will be notified. If they cannot be rebilled, their Membership will be canceled. StepBet may offer both 1 month and 1-year plans, and perhaps other plans, at various prices and with various promotional coupons.

    The benefits of Membership include:

    • Access to pay into and join “Member Only” games, for which winners receive 100% of the pot. This is opposed to the “Non-member game” where StepBet currently keeps 15% of the pot. Otherwise, the normal StepBet Rules will apply.
    • Members can play in up to 3 concurrent games. Playing in both Member and Non-member games counts toward the total number of concurrent games.
    • Access to special "Member Only" games which may have additional features like extra Free Days, lower bet amounts, promotional giveaways, etc.

    Customers must be a Member only on the day they join a Membership Only game. They do not need to be Members for the duration of the game.

    Members may still play in Non-member games, but StepBet will still take a cut from those games, including the Member's portion.

    Members can get a refund for their Membership fee within the first 7 days of by emailing and requesting one.

    Members who get the full refund will also be refunded for any Member Only games they have paid for that are within the refund period (7 days from the start date of the game).

    Members can cancel their Membership at any time after the seven day period by emailing but they will receive no refund and they will no longer be Members. They will not be automatically rebilled.

    Except as provided above, all StepBet rules shall apply to Membership Program games.

  • Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) segment prepared for this game as it contains important information relating to your game participation. Your use of StepBet's sites and software and your participation in StepBet's games constitute acceptance of StepBet's Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy, and any modifications that may be made to them over time.